Monday, July 28, 2008

design in progress

Yesterday was not the lazy summer sunday that I think of when I look at this perfectly peaceful, sunny, loungable room

because we don't live in the Pottery Barn Home book (where this picture resides), and yesterday was long, rainy, and full of sick babies and pre-bar exam stress.

However, the chaos proved to be a catalyst for creative decorating. by mid-afternoon i decided to invite in the restfulness that make the Freer courtyard and the living room above so appealing to me. It's still a work in progress, but I'm already feeling more at peace. Here's a glimpse from our dining room

This is a picture of the room from the previous owners:

and the same view, ala Moss:

I didn't do it all yesterday, only the mantel, but even that made a big difference. I used bird feeder hooks to hang the lanterns. I found the green window at my favorite local antique shop. Originally I was going to back it with a mirror, but now I like it just as it is. My mother made the pottery for me while I was in high school, and it has been in every dorm room, apartment, and house I've lived in, but I think it finally has a home where it really fits. The silver bucket is a huge champagne chiller I found at a flower shop. I think we'll use it for firewood in the winter (my sister's lovely idea).
These are my regency garden pieces

I found the frames at a yard sale in the midwest and have been carting them around, wondering what to do with them. They were a dull, faux bamboo, so I painted them with high gloss white paint, covered cork board with fabric, then pinned on a piece of hand-made fiber paper and glued on leaves that I had pressed.

While I'm pleased with my attempt at Martha craft abilites, I'm truly proud of this
well, I'll be a lot prouder when the brick wall isn't painted purple anymore, but what's important for now, is that we no longer have just a mattress on the floor. Now it's a mattress on the floor with a gorgeous old mantel for a headboard. We were not in the market for a mantel, but yesterday I ran out during the girls' naptime, and a sweet, quirky elderly woman with an antique shop offered it to me for $10. It happened to fit perfectly in the back of our jeep, and happened to be the same width as our mattress. I think I'm going to upholster the inside where the fireplace would be.

More design to come.....


  1. Leah your house looks so pretty... I watch a lot of HGTV and this takes the cake. I can't wait to buy a house some day.... and you can decorate it!

  2. It looks so inviting! You've done a great job and that!!...what a steal. Can't wait to see it upholstered! Lovely, just lovely! Makes me want to come "sit a spell." ;)


  3. What are you going rates for interior design? I want to hire you!

  4. Amazing Leah! And to think you are doing all of this with two beautiful, busy girls and an MIA, Bar-taking hubby! You are incredible! :) Love the mantles!

    1. The design in progress shown by you is wonderful. You can have a look at it


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