Saturday, July 26, 2008

gallery outing

While my husband slaves away during the final days before the bar exam, I'm trying to finish up some home projects. This morning, the girls and I visited a few beautiful spots for inspiration. The Freer gallery courtyard is one of my favorites. It was designed by Charles A. Platt in 1923. I love the contrast of the trees against the pristine marble archways.
Sadly, there is no such portico-lined courtyard gracing our own humble abode, but I'm using a similar color palatte for our walls in an attempt to adopt the serene garden oasis vibe indoors. With some luck, I'll make good progress this weekend and have pictures to post soon.


  1. This blog is so great! Delicious salad, beautiful park...can't wait for the next post. Very inspiring!

    We miss you guys and are looking forward to a couple of post-bar, pre-work weeks of family time this summer! Yea!

  2. Just lovely, Leah! Can't wait to see how that beautiful scene translates indoors. Hope all is well!


  3. by the way, Rich's name is on our "prayer board" this week for the bar exam! Of course he will do great, but we remember how terribly stressful the whole experience is.


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