Friday, July 25, 2008


Entering the blogging world is not the first thing I expected to do this summer. Moving, home renovations, puppy training, helping my husband survive bar exam studying--that's what I thought my summer would consist of. But the inspirations that come from living in a decidedly beautiful east coast metropolis have gotten the best of me, so I'm embarking on another creative project that's just for fun. I hope that gleaning beauty from the day to day will help me appreciate this vita bella even more. Last night I couldn't fall asleep (which I deeply regretted at 5 a.m. when our 2 1/2 year old bounded into our bedroom) because I was so excited to begin. Here it goes!


  1. Girlfriend,

    We are most impressed with your new blog...and we can't wait to see more photos of your home and family!
    Martha Stewart and Diana Reed need to take a back seat!
    Des & Molly

  2. Leah Moss-
    very nice. Im going to wow my roommates with your culinary delights.


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