Thursday, July 31, 2008

what a guy

I'm so glad he's home!

Last night as I lay cramped on the child-sized sofa with the stomach flu, watching one equally sick baby lounge miserably next to me while the other purple popsicle-streaked toddler chased our puppy around in circles yelling Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" at the top of her tiny little lungs, I was planning to title this post "Hello from Hades." But that was before I knew that my wonderful husband (another tragic victim of the plague--during the bar exam!) would return home a night earlier than expected, waking up with the sun to attend to our cranky babies so that I could sleep, and surprising me with this

what a guy.

I have been coveting this painting since my sister/artist ( completed it a few weeks ago. I actually mourned when she told me it had been sold...little did I know.

Nothing can bring a room to life like good art. Growing up in a family of artists, I took it for granted that I would always be surrounded by beauty usually created by equally beautiful people. That was before living in a host of poster-lined college dorm rooms and relatively bare-walled starter homes. I still love those college posters, but we're in a new season now and good art is a perfect way to celebrate


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