Monday, August 25, 2008

boho-chic beds without bases

Aside from finally unpacking the million boxes that have been parked in our bedroom for the last couple months, we've done little to improve the space's aesthics lately. One potentially awesome exposed brick wall remains a disturbing purplely maroon, and the other 3 take you back to the early 90s with their pinkish purple pastel hue and blush trim--yuck. However I did stumble across a couple of consoling photos that made me feel very fashionable about our failure to find a base for our mattress which remains (stylishly) on the floor.

This one's a Twig Hutchinson that I found on

and this one is artist Alexander Vethers's bedroom featured in New York Spaces earlier this summer

so restful and inviting.....and just a little too accessible for 2 toddlers looking for a good trampoline.


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