Tuesday, September 16, 2008

comfortably eclectic bedrooms

as we move into bedroom design mode in our home, I've spent some time searching through a variety of fun, appealing styles. These are a few of my more eclectic favorites, ordered from gypsy wagon (which always reminds me of my younger sister, Mo) to neutral serene.

wish.ca via a flickr find ( I especially love the drapes, they're scarves clipped together--so clever )

from point click home (lots of variety anchored by a simple palette. A little collegiate, but I love seeing how a simple color scheme anchors flea market and thrift store finds into something cohesive

featured in Domino. While the palette is fairly limited, the layering and mix of patinas and finishes make it feel alive and sophisticated. There's an appealing casual variety of shapes and textures and the contrasts that provide a lot to look at without feeling the least bit  overwhelmed.

from House Beautiful (normally animal print is not my thing, at least when decorating my own home, but I admit to loving this zebra rug and lends a little whimsy glam to the more traditional pieces)

And this one is a cheat, not eclectic, but so beautiful that I needed to throw it in, forgive me. From Ochre (my dream store!!!) via Apartment therapy (i love the way the mirrors are suspended like sophisticated bubbles. And you can see just a sliver of the most beautiful chandelier ever...that costs a tragic 9k.)

I always think that one of the most exciting parts of home design is seeing how modern and traditional elements blend within a single space to form a distinct look. Achieving that lovely ordered variety can be difficult. It seems like most eclectic mixes end up appearing too cluttered and chaotic. While none of these particular bedrooms call out to me to be imitated in my own home, I think each does a fine job of balancing a lively variety of furnishings. I hope we can incorporate that blissful balance into our own room this weekend!


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