Tuesday, October 21, 2008

on the town

The trip to New York was invigorating, inspiring, and fabulous for many reasons. Here are a few of them

1) sister time. I don't remember when just the 3 of us were together. It was very special and much-needed, and New York is a wonderful place for a reunion. We loved this bar, a favorite Brooklyn spot of my little sister's, complete with.....

a bocce court
and library.
2) Marcie's Manhattan food tour and hospitality. Marcie is my older sister's friend from college and one of the most brilliant photographers in the world (and happened to be our wedding photographer). She's also a gracious host with vast knowledge of the best places to go if you're looking to put on an extra 100 lbs in a weekend. It seemed as if we stopped for a bite to eat nearly every hour. Some favorites...
I thought I wasn't much of a cupcake girl, until I experienced the incredible taste of the freshly baked treats at this lower eastside cupcake shop, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. The eclectic furnishings and vintage wallpaper set a cozy tone that made it seem perfectly harmless to wolf down 2 decadent cupcakes.
Mariebelle in Soho. Their chocolate creations are as beautiful to look at as they are to taste. We had the richest hot chocolate you can imagine. Not getting the small was a mistake.

A Salt & Battery in Greenwich Village. I loved the name. And the fish and chips. It was not a healthy food choice, but it was delicious. If only moderation had been even the least bit present in my mind all would have been blissful, but as it was not, I left vowing never to eat again.....until we came across this delightful shop five minutes later

and I convinced myself it wouldn't be right to walk right by and not support another local business. It's called Birdbath, an organic bakery in the West Village, with a gorgeous spread of the most delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies in the east.
Lest you know just how gluttonous we were over the weekend, I'll stop there.
3). incredible architecture at every turn. It's so inspiring being a place where every detail of nearly every building is exceptional. Plus I'm a total nut about fire escapes, they're just so cool.
4) store fronts. I embarrassed my sisters by constantly stopping to click pictures at most every cool window we came across...which was about every 5 seconds.

This is where those fabulous mirrors that I posted on awhile back are from. My heart fluttered the entire time I was in the store. It was hard to leave, especially empty-handed.

5). The film we went to see on artist mothers, Who Does She Think She Is. I will say that I liked the idea of it more than the film itself. I thought it was exceptional in depicting the "call to create" that an artist experiences, but it failed to give the call to motherhood equal or even decent consideration. Aside from that, I'm still formulating a coherent opinion... but I did have a lump in my throat throughout most of the movie. At the very least it was thought-inspiring.


  1. Great to have you back! Looks like a wonderful trip to NYC. We have never been there and would love to visit one day. Hope the family is doing great! Congrats to Rich!

  2. Awe never seen this post I as well have tow sisters! Nothing like sisters! So happy you got to escape, I've only been once and this year John and I are taking the two older ones! Can't wait...OK just noticed it was in "08" HaHa


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