Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living Well Rooms

Instead of sitting down to finalize my Thanksgiving grocery shopping list, I'm going to share a few of my favorite "lived-in" living rooms with you--ones that are not overly fussy, but are well-thought out and inviting. They're also neutral as they come without being boring.

Our old house was filled with color. We had fun experimenting,  but realized that as our life grew more colorful we wanted our home to grow more restful...at least parts of it. Now, with 2 small children, a busy husband, a business to run, a couple writing jobs (which means lots of computer time), a huge dog that's every bit as needy as my kids :), and lots more that fills my time with fun and (mostly happy and exciting) chaos, one of my favorite small luxuries is sitting in a quiet room, one that's slightly spare, and taking in the subtleties of light. Just being quiet, reflecting, and taking it in...weird you might say, but just you try it. It's one of the realizations that convinced me of the power of a well-planned interior. I think every busy mom should have a quiet little corner...or ideally a whole room!

I've been making a visual inspiration list for our own neglected living room. Here's a peek...

from an old issue of House Beautiful. It's the home of Sharone Einhorn's home, owner of Ruby Beets. I don't even know how many times I've poured over it (and I'm sure you too). Before falling in love with gray I wasn't really a fan of gold for my own home. But gray, golds, ivories, and natural patinas are a magical combination. And this room with it's come-lounge-on-me slip covers, collection of natural objects and antiques, and touches of gold sophistication has that magic mix of relaxed and refined. 
from Traditional Home. A more stream-lined take on the palette above. Definitely not as loungeable, but the clean lines and sense of "grown-up" are so appealing at the moment.

3 from Domino:

This room has a great quirky mix of modern and traditional, plus the stripes rock.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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