Tuesday, November 4, 2008

nature walk part 2

Amidst the election day buzz, we carved out a few hours of peace to go on a cousin outing to the gardens. This time I remembered to bring my camera. Part of me is sad to say good-bye to summer, but fall is one of the most inspiring time of year on the east coast. All of a sudden the colors are brilliant and the brisk weather is invigorating. The gardens are also especially beautiful this time of year. I couldn't resist sharing some highlights with you.

I forgot to check the name of this incredible flower. Do any of you know? It was magnificent against the backdrop of fall color.

the kids called this guy "the halloween spider"

a 125 year old naturally hallowed out sycamore tree

look at the gorgeous peeling bark (and the gorgeous kids!)

Field of mums! I love the color of these ones.

and the butterfly garden

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  1. Beautiful snapshots of fall... The pic of MG is like staring at a pic of you, L! Amazing!! All are adorable! Blessings...


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