Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cozy up

we're celebrating our recently restored chimney & newly arrived sofa, and blogging by firelight.

In honor of our living room's upgrade from neglected hallway to comfy perch, I made a simple garland inspired by the bridesmaid necklaces my sister made for her wedding (anyone who knows me knows it to be my favorite possession) and a Smith & Hawkin swag that I couldn't justify buying. It's made almost entirely out of things the girls and I found around the house and yard...pine cones, cinnamon sticks, kitchen twine, buttons, a few round silver beads, and ribbon. Festive and not too flashy, we like it.

Besides the garland and our advent wreath, we're holding off on Christmas decorations for the time being, but here are some great holiday designs from Martha the Master Stewart with her subtle, elegant colors and creative use of natural objects.

I think this wreath would be a very appropriate addition to our front door.

this is a creative take on an advent calender. each stocking has a number and little gift to count down the days to Christmas.

cookie tree, yum...I don't think it'd last long in this house. Oh Martha, she's so great.

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  1. Oh that Martha! She's amazing. Though Leah, I must say you are in the running as my new decorating icon. Get ready world! :) Love the fireplace swag--you could seriously have that pic up in a magazine!! Hugs and see you next week. Can't wait!


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