Saturday, February 14, 2009

Setting up Shop

Taking on the writing position with Apartment Therapy has been a lot of work and it's keeping me super busy (maybe you could tell:). I'm still learning how to balance the new demands, while attempting to live the everyday artfully--creating this blog and its mission has been a surprising help for keeping me in check.

Anyways, the point of this post is that with all the time I need to spend writing, editing pictures, answering emails these days, I've realized I need a bit more of a "real" workspace so my husband is busy helping me turn an unused closet/alcove into a mini-office. Here are some of my inspiration photos. Normally, white is not my thing but because my desk tends to get cluttered quickly, I need all the simplicity I can get. So blank canvas is the thought.
Plus, at the moment, my life (thankfully) is anything but lacking in color....


  1. Hi! I just happened upon your blog when I was looking up interesting design stores in DC. What a great blog! Kids are adorable and I love love your aesthetic. Let me ask you: we're moving to DC in summer and I'm looking for a good designer. It's so hard to sort through the lists!! And people's recommendations don't exactly match my own taste. Can you recommend any designers who share your aesthetic? I loved the interiors on your blog -- neutral, interesting pieces, not fussy, modern yet classic, liveable, NO FLORALS. We're looking at a place in Georgetown that has good bones but will need much love and attention.Thanks! And good luck with your blog. I'm not a blogger at all, but I just happened upon your site when looking up Oliver Dunn, Moss & Co. AmyTercek at

  2. Leah, love your ideas, as alway, and especially love the sweet little pic at the end :). Please post a pic when you get your "office" set up... I am curious! I love getting ideas from you! We just turned our formal "living room" (front room) into a home office. so far, so good... we use it more that way than we would as a living room. We still have one more room to go in our house-- our formal dining room (right now it has our big ND rug and an old table w/out chairs in it... yikes!). Can't wait to see your finished product, love what you are doing with your creativity in your family and job.


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