Thursday, January 21, 2010

beautiful imperfection

Last week we had all of our windows replaced as our 5 year anniversary present to each other, very romantic! When I walked in during the process I was struck by how lovely the chaotic scene was--so sunny and airy and imperfect! It reminded me of an anthropologie photo-shoot (ie, photo above)...minus the uber-styling of their talented creative directors :)
I thought briefly about how to incorporate that "undone" type of beautiful chaos into my home everyday, but then I realized that I already have....

Cheers to those good decisions!


  1. Your home is so very soothing...even in the midst of the chaos, both window-originated and child/dog-created... I love it all, Leah. Cheers is right: happy (belated) anniversary, happy new windows, and here's to chaos of the best kind - the type created by life and family! Loved this post, my dear. And thanks again. I mean it.



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