Monday, January 11, 2010

Style Quiz

The last time I took a quiz not for school I was probably 16, but I love this style quiz (from sproost), so I decided to indulge (again) should too! I like to take it when I should be writing an article, but have a mental block. I always come up with rustic revival and vintage modern...and sometimes cottage chic too, which is probably pretty accurate. They've collected a wonderful collection of images, and it's actually very helpful too if you're confused as to what you really like in terms of style. Once they formulate your style, they list a bunch of furniture selections that might suit your taste. Helpful indeed, but mostly, it's just fun.

Go try it!


  1. That was fun!

    Sproost says my interior design style is:
    40% French Eclectic
    30% Hollywood Couture
    30% Traditional Asian


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