Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dream Bath

This month we bloggers at Apartment Therapy were asked to put together our "dream bathrooms," and I have to confess that I probably took this assignment a little too seriously. I spent a LOT of time thinking about how I wanted my perfect bathroom to look, what it should contain, and what it should feel like.  I love earthy, old, and industrial things, and even though these aren't usually elements found in the bathroom (and certainly not found in mine now) I had fun (all day long) dreaming. You can check out my post for a list of all the sources I used. I called it my "Greenhouse Garden Bath," and possibly the best part about it is the living MOSS bath mat :)

It was really fun to see what the other writers chose for theirs too. My two favorites have been Ronee from AT Boston's,  "Paris Flea Market Bath":
 and Laure from AT LA's "French Farmhouse Modern"


  1. 的萨芬上的发生的防守对方的

  2. I love the combination of bathroom furnishing, I sure hope to have something like that. Thank you very much.

  3. I liked the last one best, I love bathing in a bathtub. I could spend three hours just lying there.


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