Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Les Indiennes

One of the lovely homes I'm working on has me so excited to incorporate the relaxed global elegance that Les Indiennes  has mastered with their beautiful block-prints. Although it seems to be wildy popular at the moment, it possesses a certain subtlety that I think makes it much more of a classic than a fad.
Single color block prints are some of my favorite types of patterns to layer because they can be interesting and serene at the same time.

I also love how their patterns fit seamlessly into both modern and traditional spaces. I especially like the looks below, injected with a int of rustic.
I love how this print (below) ties in the rich colors of the ethnic headboard but adds a light relaxed air to the room--the kind that's often missing in global-leaning rooms.

(above images from Les Indiennes)

 Tom Schreerer (two photos below) has mastered the look, managing to make the rooms feel feminine and grounded at the same time.
In addition to using a few of these prints throughout the home, we're also thinking about doing a tone on tone block print-esque design in the hallway that connects all five of the condo's rooms. There are so many awesome stencils out there, but these are my favorites...

This one from etsy seller cutting edge stencils:
in a much smaller scale of course, and used in a repeating pattern similar to this (by the talented Deirdre Newman who Jenny featured on the Little Green Notebook, check out more of Deirdre's  amazing work here) :
And I also love this one from Sunny's goodtime paints:

 I've actually dreamed about how the home is going to look for the past 3 nights! I'm so excited to see everything come into place!


  1. haha omg leah you won't believe this but I just used the first stencil for Justin's nursery!!-- in a MUCH smaller size though

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! (AND les indiennes but wasn't in my nursery budget ;)

    beautiful post and so much eye candy!!

  2. Regular Indian fabrics (which one can get all over India) are full of these prints. We also have blocks available in quaint little stores everywhere. I think they are beautiful, but only when used in moderation. Otherwise, they make the space (or a dress) look too busy!

    Gauri (India)

  3. I love the Indian twist to interiors, but agree with 'anonymous' - it has to be well balanced with other pieces.

    Your parade of images is beautiful though and I especially love the blue/white image on the top left, and that amazing bedroom with the exposed beams (no 4)!

    Hope you are having a great week!


  4. These patterns are fantastic, I love the blue against the white in the first picture.

  5. Oh, wow. I especially love that third photograph... I love the use of the pattern when it's used in small doses and surrounded by a very neutral, peaceful background.

    Can't wait to see photos of your project, dear!



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