Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ruth's whimsical wedding (one year late)

While looking for inspiration for tonight's Apartment Therapy post on decorating with old book pages (check it out here) I re-discovered some photos that I took at my dear friend and former roommate, Ruth's, beautiful wedding in Dallas just about this time last year. I thought I had lost them when my computer crashed last spring, but I had forgotten that I had uploaded them to my trusty but little used flickr file.

Ruth comes from one of the most talented families I know. It's full of artists, writers, literary geniuses, and comedians, and every time I'm around them I think about asking them to adopt me. Not surprisingly, Ruth's wedding was full of lovely artistic touches, mostly fueled and masterminded by her lovely sister, Lucia.

Lucia took an old branch and cut leaves from old books to create this whimsical branch decoration gracing the entrance to the reception.
And I love these getting ready shots. Ruth's family's house is so beautiful.

Here's one of Lucia's pieces. Literally everything she creates makes me beam, so creative!
Lucia's wedding (probably around 6 years ago) was at her parent's house, and one of her preparations was this cabinet redo. Apparently the cabinets were in rough shape, and so she collaged them with book and magazine clippings.

A few hours before the wedding a bunch of our college friends got to decorate the reception site, the lovely old Turner House in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas.
Artsy Alissa crafted away, and I mostly just snapped away on my camera :)except when I got to help the talented cakemaker, Ellen, decorate Ruth's very sweet and simple cake...
That weekend I stayed at lovely Desarae's house which happened to have quite a lovely staircase that I was absolutely obsessed with....taking more pictures of it than people!
Better late than never, right?


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