Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Years Old

There is hardly an ounce of baby left...

in our little girl with the big eyes...

The one who grows her own (2) tomatoes...and puts on daily fashion shows...
the one who occasionally decides to nap...but thinks pjs are just fine even when she doesn't...

The one (our littlest one!) who turns 3 today!


  1. Oh, Leah..! She's beautiful..!

    Happy birthday little one - you're definitely not a baby anymore. I can tell your mom is really proud and a little bit teary about today -so make her laugh and give her huge hugs, okay? Okay.


  2. what a beautiful little geese. we love her!

  3. Happy belated birthday to not-so-little MG!!! Hope to see you guys at Farmapalooza!!


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