Tuesday, May 25, 2010

best things

(stencil revolution)
Working in design and writing about design, I have to remind myself frequently that good home design isn't just about the pretty things, but the good life that takes place in it--design should be a servant of sorts. I'll spy something that I just love, and I daydream about it, save up for it, buy it...and then sort of forget about it as I move onto something else to desire.  And sometimes I forget along the way why I'm doing what I do. It should be about creating an environment conducive to laughing and loving and reflecting.....

Last week was a really tough one, mostly b/c it started off with my first car accident...which was my fault (as I was rushing from dropping off the girls and attempting to make an appearance at the design center's press preview for the design house) and it involved 2 other cars!!! Thankfully everyone was ok... except my car, which is still in the hospital. Thank you Jesus for good insurance!!! And good co-accident victims--they couldn't have been nicer!

Anyway, the tough week was followed by one of the most wonderful weekends I've had in a long while: a send off party for my brother in law who is heading to Rome, a date, lots of hang out time with Rich's awesome siblings whom I love every bit as much as my own, and happy little girls who said sweet things like, "mommy, this meal tasteses like your love"....

and all that helped me to remember that the things that make me happiest, the best things, are the real living breathing ones....
  especially the ones with the cute belly buttons :)
 and the creative fashion flair
 and the entertaining hats (yes, that's busch light...most likely picked up from a gas station... we're real classy around here)

Thank goodness for sweet and small reminders!

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  1. I've just discovered your site and oh, how I love it. Your words, images and take on things all combine to create such a sense of peace and gratitude. Thank you for sharing and reminding!


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