Wednesday, May 19, 2010

garden oasis

The weather in Washington has been stubborn and dreary, and that's only increased my desire for everything that's lovely about summer. One of our assignments for Apartment Therapy this month was to create our dream outdoor space. Mine was a lot like the garden bath I created for AT in March. Like the dream bath post, I spent far longer daydreaming over inspiration photos than I did collecting the perfect accessories. Beautiful, leisurely, casual outdoor living is everything I picture when I think about "the good life"....
  pergola draped with blankets of climbing vines...
(country home)
 flowering ones preferable (although I was devastated to learn that wisteria, beautiful and romantic as it is, is a rat magnet, poisonous, and uncontrollably invasive...I would love if someone proves that wrong...I absolutely love how it looks, so spontaneous an delicious)
(cottage living)
(House Beautiful)

(House Beautiful)

Naps and daydreaming and reading in lovely lounge-able spots...


and a place to soak outdoors...
(Apartment Therapy...this is one of my favorite house tours of all times: effortless awesomeness, everything I love about farmhouse style. I've looked through it more than any other post on AT, and every time I find something I find else to admire)

maybe with an ivy covered wall...

or just a small, quiet corner tucked away...simple and serene

And all that inspiration led to this dream outdoor space....
Now if only we could afford it....

nonetheless you can check out all the items that go into it on my original Apartment Therapy post.


  1. These are all so lovely. I really hope when we eventually buy a house that we have the out door space to create something of the peace in these photos!

  2. Ahhhh. I do believe my blood pressure lowered several points with that post. Danke!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Now my head is filled with ideas for my garden. So very lovely.

  4. Don't know about being a rat-magnet, but Wisteria (my all time fav!) is controllable. When you plant it, have a pot at least the next size bigger (3 or 5 gallon nursery container works good) with the bottom cut out. Dig the hole for the big pot, center the plant in it and plant. This prevents the roots from spreading across the yard. Plant it next to whatever you want to train it on - trellis, fence, etc. A lady up the road has taken care of hers for YEARS, not trained on anything, she just keeps wrapping it around itself, and has kinda made a shrub/tree looking thing with it. The most important part is to not let any feelers touch the ground. :)


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