Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Where Did You GO???

October is a whirlwind month...

It started off with a very special birthday for a very special...

 5 (F.I.V.E.) year old!!!!! If this month was a whirlwind, these past 5 years have been lightning. Poof!
 Maddy requested a brunch (our favorite family meal) to celebrate her milestone birthday. Rich manned the waffle iron, friends helped out with bacon and eggs, other friends brought delicious homemade breakfast breads, the kids down Oj, and the adults sipped mimosas and Bailey's laced coffee. ...It was a total blast with 40 + people crammed into our little house!

The night before the party (approximately 12 hours before the guests rolled in) we ripped up the nasty carpet in our addition (the process was started by our dog, thanks Koa...) and underneath we discovered this gem of a floor-- 80s faux marble yellowing vinyl! Cringe!!! But it made for the perfet preschool party floor. Throughout the morning orange juice was spilled, orange icing was smeared, a coffee mug or two went a-flying, but no one batted an eye. And all because of that ugly floor :)

By the end of it all, naps were in order, and some people didn't even bother climbing into bed...

After that fall crept in, and somewhere between leaf hunts....

and (lots and LOTS of) homemade hot cocoa. I think there was one week where we may or may not have made about 2 cups a day...each...

We managed to make one lone Halloween craft...

 the girls did all the stamping and sewing and picking out of halloween-y words. Right now it's hung on our front door like a garland....above our (store bought) pumpkins.

Of course, we also fit in a bit (a LOT) of work and some long nights, but all in all it's been delightful and cozy, even for a whirlwind. November, you better treat us just as sweetly!


  1. Precious images of such darling children!!

    Art by Karena

  2. What precious pictures!
    Don't you's not a true party of any fashion unless there's house construction chaos going on! Looks like a lovely Oct. party though.

  3. Soooo sooo beautiful, Leah! I miss you all so much!

  4. Leah - Hi. Is that cabin any chance Walker Cabin in N. Arlington? If it is, you were pretty much behind my house! Looks like wonderful family times.


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