Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ralph's house sneak peek

a couple of months ago I had the pleasure of photographing Ralph's house. It was on one of those wickedly hot humid days, and just stepping inside was utterly refreshing...
 I like my own home to feel more organic and soft, but I fell in love with the clean lines and modern appeal. It's bright white at its finest...

But my favorite spot was outside--a lush little modern oasis....

You can check out the full tour on Apartment Therapy here.

Ralph runs a center for women suffering form perinatal depression, which sounds like it has a great need. They are looking for volunteers to help out, so please check out his website if you think you can give some of your time.

**all images are my own


  1. I just saw this over lunch today and LOVED it! A bit sparse for myself -but otherwise I LOVED It -especially the details. You captured it brilliantly, Leah -the photographs are stunning!

  2. Leah,
    Wonderful photots! The first shot with the water running is unbelievable!!! Looks like a very cool, modern home with tons of personality!

  3. That is just amazing and wonderful! It is so lively to the eyes!


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