Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goodbye Fall!

 The biggest problem with having a blog and writing infrequently is that I feel like I'm always waving goodbye to seasons. It makes time seem too quick, and life even more of a whirlwind. Thankfully, this fall was a wonderful whirlwind. And a pretty mild one weather-wise, which I needed because the pregnancy hormones seem to have forgotten how to function, and I'm always FREEZING! Any colder and I would never ever leave my house. 

Last year we didn't spend a lot of time enjoying the falling leaves, but this year we took full advantage:
 Last week we co-hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It's our 3rd joint Thanksgiving with my sister and brother-in-law who live next door, and this year was probably my favorite. We had 16 people poured into our little home for an incredible feast which lasted all day long and into the night. The girls were a huge help this year, especially when it came to food prep and taste tests. Maddy and MollyGrace picked all the seeds out of 2 entire pomegranates which we added to our cranberry salad--so delicious. I'll post the recipe sometime soon. Every year I keep tweaking it just a little from my wonderful friend, Jennifer's already amazing recipe.
 My sister Nicole set a simple and beautiful table....(ours plus theirs carried over from next door :)
 And her fabulously talented husband roasted up an amazing turkey...
 And one of the very best parts was having our little sister Monique come for a quick trip. I love that girl--constant, constant laughter! She should seriously write a book. Her stories about life in New York are priceless and hilarious, my stomach killed by the end of the much from laughing as from the fact that I had completely stuffed my already full belly. It was so sad to see her go! Come back Mozambique!!! I can't imagine life without my sisters. Each is so artistic and talented and priceless. I marvel at them!

 After a late late night the next day called for a long long nap....
a nap by the fire to be exact....

rest assured, that will not be a fall exclusive :)

Since moving back to DC, Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday, but this year I felt especially grateful for all the gifts gracing my life. This year, surrounded by my immediate family and my husband's too, who are so supportive of our new life (and so excited for the newest little life in me too) I was struck by how rich we are to live where and how we do. 

The hardest part now seems to be finding the time to spend with all the incredible people we have in our lives here as well as trying to keep up with friends far away (so hard seeing as the phone is my nemesis, and made even more so by the fact that the girls think that a mommy on the phone is the very cruelest form of abuse...not an exaggeration!).  But a packed schedule is hardly the hardest burden to bear, right?

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as lovely! Here's to advent!


  1. Beautiful pictures...looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. The chair by the fire looks heavenly!
    I've said goodbye to fall as it snowed here yesterday but as much as I hate the cold...I love the beauty of December.
    Enjoy the season!

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes for some reason...your Thanksgiving reminded me of mine. I adore my family so much as well and this year we were all laughing so hard that we cried b/c I fell into the cherry pie that I had made. I had already told on my sister for breaking a plate (all in jest of course) and then I tripped and went smoosh right into my pie, which I made specifically for my one else really likes cherry. She still ate it all smashed and nasty...luckily I had just washed my hands.
    I love your heart filled posts!!!

  3. Leah, WOW! So wonderful to see your blog and have a glimpse of your beautiful life. The photos are amazing and it is so awesome that Mo could come join you all! I hope your pregnancy goes really smooth and I am so looking forward to meeting your new little miracle! Give my love to Rich and the girls.


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