Friday, December 3, 2010

Vibrant and Creative Kids Rooms

Maddy is a girl of deeply held convictions. She knows exactly what she wants, and she usually knows how to get it...which although overwhelming at times, is something that makes me very happy deep down (even when I'm about to pull my hair out :)

Her recent ongoing request is to redo her room. And why wouldn't she? She is 5 afterall, and most of us had the chance for a complete decor overhaul before the age of reason...right? I suppose I should take part of the blame. We picked up Selina Lake's Bazaar Style together and there was no turning back, at least in Maddy's mind.

 Her room is a little too blue for her taste, and she doesn't like green...or simplicity.

She prefers pink of course, and flowers, and a rainbow of materials, the tackier the better :) But thankfully she'll admit that Selina's taste may be acceptable too, which we both can agree on. So we pulled out my bins of fabric remnants and picked out just a few...hundred for consideration

We're still narrowing down our options and ideas, but below are a few of my favorites, most of which will surely be shot down due to the lack of pink, but what I love about all of them is the naturalness and lack of perfection and matchy-ness (that last part is the only thing that actually bothers me about their room now). I love kids room that look joyful and loved and welcoming even when there's a toy (or 20) that's out of place. That's hard to pull off with a limited color palette like we have now, so I'm kind of excited about the change.

 Domino of Sunrise and Mark Ruffalo's home

I have a feeling that we won't see much progress until at least after Christmas, but we'll see how far this nesting bug will lead me (and how well I can ward off a very persistent little resident designer :).


  1. I liked the post and images. I am wondering to decorate my baby girls room on the occasion of christmas. Actually, I've got this idea after viewing your blog. Thanks for sharing post.

  2. Oh. My. Word...your daughter AND all of the images are perfectly fun and adorable. I miss five year old years!!


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