Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homemade Valentines: The Aldous Huxley Edition

Our epic weekend cleanup yielded some interesting finds, some of which went straight to the giveaway and trash piles, and others that I couldn't let go just yet....

One was an old copy of some Aldous Huxley essays that I've been keeping in a box of sentimental high school items. I remember reading the essays when I was a freshman and thinking I was really deep and really cool. Well, time has taken its toll on the book and on me and now I realize that I probably won't be making the time to go reread the essays anytime soon. And even if I did desire to, the book was in bad shape to begin with when I found it at a yard sale, and after about 10 years in my in-laws basement, the pages have all fallen out and most are so brittle that they crumble with the slightest bend.

But my hoarding sensibilities run deep, and I couldn't just toss them....but I couldn't re-packrat them for another 10 years either so we decided to make some early Valentines, naturally. I'm not sure that Mr. Huxley would approve, but I think they're turning out to be quite lovely....


  1. Great idea! I was needing some craft inspiration for the kids today!!


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