Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat, Morning Glories, and the MIA tooth fairy

It has been h.o.t. in the DC area all week.

The only thing that seems to be thriving in our garden are the morning glories...
they are such champs! It's amazing how quickly they grow every night, clinging to anything within reach. Rich and I have been sitting out on the patio after we put the kids to bed, and often times I'll spend a little while guiding the tops of the vines to new railings or rungs of the lattice. Well, last night we didn't brave the heat, and I woke to see this....
amazing! Obviously our morning glories didn't bother to learn how to read.

In another news, Madds has decided that the tooth fairy must really dislike the heat because she decided to skip out on fairy duty a few nights ago. Totally unacceptable. Madds has been leaving notes, diagrams, and road maps all around the house and yard to help the little slacker out tonight....
Here's to hoping that tomorrow Madds will be one dollar richer.


  1. I seem to remember an absent tooth fairy around here a time or two...the picture she drew is too cute!

  2. Dear Madds, I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will be able to find her way to your pillow tonight. Sometimes the complete lack of teeth in a new baby throw her off a little.

  3. I would happily take a little of your heat right now. The west coast is not having a very warm summer this year. I hope that lazy tooth fairy finally made it to your house:)

  4. I'm sure that tooth will grow in no time, just make sure that the tooth fairy comes visits her.


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