Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Have I Not Shown You This??? Fleurir revealed...

The chocolate shop is done!
been done for months.....
BUT they (Fleurir Hand grown Chocolates) are having their official grand opening on October 22, which you can read about here, and come check out in person. You won't be disappointed.
Ok, back to the shop. Last time I shared the progress it looked something like this, pre-bloom:
and now....
fleurir :)
 (photo: Christina Bernales, photographer extraordinaire) 
 ( photo: Christina Bernales)
 ( photo: Christina Bernales)
  ( photo: Christina Bernales)

All I can say is that Robert and Ashley are champs! Well I could say that they're pretty cute too....and gracious....and fun....and to be honest, they're kind of a bad influence...on my waistline...and language... but let's just leave it at champs. See?

The amount of work that they put into the shop was really astounding. 

Almost every project I've worked on has been carried out with a team of pros, electricians, contractors, upholsterers, paper hangers, etc, but in this case Robert and Ashley (and their wonderful friends and family) were the heavy laborers from start to finish....
 They gave me a huge file of inspiration, and I scribbled out a rough sketch of my vision...

And then the great search for the right pieces ensued. Lots of trips to Lucketts, salvage yards, barn sales, and the hardware store. Almost everything was found, recycled, or handmade.

Including the awesome sculpture by my sister Nicole:

And a couple things came by way of my home, like the awesome light that I won from Ally's (From the Right Bank) awesome Christmas giveaway. Sadly, it's enormous size (nearly 4 feet tall) didn't jive with our 8 foot ceilings. I was so bummed (Rich was not...), but then as soon as I saw the chocolate shop space I knew it would be perfect. So in exchange for more chocolate than I probably should have consumed at 8 months prego, I offered them the light.
 and the old window that used to sit on my mantel which now lists their prices...
The other lights were fashioned from english wire garden cloches by genius Robert:

Now go eat some chocolate!


  1. So amazing, love it, more than just getting great chocolate, it's a design feast as well! Love all the DIYS projects makes it even better!! Move over Novegratz, Moss is here!!

  2. leah.... just love it... this post is delightful... and i am so happy the pendant is in its new home ... it looks wonderful... xx

  3. Leah!!! This is fantastic and what a perfect spot for the pendant. (I still wish I could have figured out a way to win my own giveaway!) Great job. xo

  4. What an amazing job. I just couldn't stop my eyes from going round in circles looking at these photos. Stunning! I wish there were more pics.

  5. I could look at these pictures over and over again, Leah! Amazing work you've done here. My favorite is the moss covered wall. That's what it is, right?

  6. Leah, you did a great job!!! I loved their Lavender Shiraz chocolate. So good!

  7. Oh Me oh My...chocolate....oy! It beautimous...of course!!

    Linda@lime in the Coconut

  8. You don't have to tell me twice, I'll go get some chocolate right away! :)
    The shop is wonderful. Truly. I want to live there. It doesn't have a commercial vibe at ALL, which is such a great thing. Kudos and gold stars.
    xo isa

  9. Leah, I've been in Fleurir and you did a fabulous job. You're super talented and creative. We were really lucky to have you help with our place. I hope you're all doing well.

  10. I need to pop over there and see it in person and of course get me some chocolate. Fabulous job Leah and so impressive you did it while you were pregnant! xx Danielle

  11. leah,
    can't wait to see the chocolate shop live and
    have a few chocolates.
    Great fun to see your creativity. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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