Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So tonight I'm speaking on my second design panel in two weeks. Last week I was flattered to participate in the Washington Post's Fashion Washington anniversary celebration with local designer, Sally Steponkus (love her!), HGTV stars and designer extraordinaires Robert & Cortney Novogratz, and the evening's host, Mitchell Gold. I loved spending time with all of them and hearing what they had to say on trends and such. Wild how we all seemed on the same plane...which made it funny. I almost tried to think of some design controversy just to spice things up a bit :) Alas we all agreed that when it comes to design we all think that pieces reflecting the owner should be of utmost importance--personal decorating! No pics to share except one snagged from K street Kate :

Tonight I'll be at the Dunes, dishing on "Mastering the Art of High/Low Decorating" with Kelley Proxmire and Judith Carrig. More details here. Come by!

Update: you can read about the night here.

All these panels remind me of another variety that's been made a huge comeback in recent years...one that I'm naturally a little more comfortable with than its verbal twin--wood. Salvaged wood. It makes the most interesting type of paneling:

Ok and this isn't technically paneling, it's flooring, but it's too awesome. Wine Crates...that you walk on:


  1. So happy for you, an evening with inspiring people!! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!! I'm going to be making u somthing soon!!

  2. Wish I could go to your event tonight!

  3. you're famous! so proud of you!

  4. Well you're in good company my friend! How exciting for you. I am so on board with the reclaimed wood trend. I pinned the Jute Home bedroom and constantly wonder if I could indeed tackle something this creative.

  5. Congratulions Leah! I am so happy for you! Reeally like the salvaged wood wall...it reminds me a little of the front of one of the Novogratz's houses in their old show '9 by Design'. (Though the wood was only horizontal.) big hug, Clare


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