Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lovin on Lauren Liess's delicious new textiles

If you all don't know Lauren of Pure Style Home already, you need to. Her blog is always one of the first I check when I get a chance to read because her posts are always always beautiful, informative, and unpretentious. Plus, Lauren is one of those awesomely inspiring people who seems to move at a million miles a minute. with a smile. Basically she's a very relate-able lovable rockstar. However, lucky for us, she's a rockstar with an incredible new textile line that I could eat with a spoon. Every last one of her prints is delicious, and they all have stories to them which makes that even better. And because she's generous, she's doing a giveaway, which you can check out here! So proud of you Lauren!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I went over and seen her beautiful fabrics!! I'm sure John wants to thank you as well!! He said I should call my design obsession "Design on John's Dime"!!!


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