Monday, November 28, 2011

table snapshots

Sorry for the impromptu fall-off-the-face-of-the-earth my friends. I hope everyone had a fabulous halloweenfallthanksgiving! Despite the busyness of it all, mine has been lovely, and I think now that we're into advent I'll be able to take more in. This time of year my inner homebody kicks it into high gear, so I savor it all in between job installations and outings and parties.

It seems that whenever we have been home, we've been around the table...
often in costume (obvs)

or under it...

Our search for the perfect huge dining table for a petite dining room has been a long one. My dream table is too big, and so I picked up this overstock one. What do you think? If it sticks we'll be on the hunt for chairs.

***update.*** Sadly, the table is dud--it completely cracked down the middle, warped wood, etc. In short, a disaster! Friends, I don't know why I don't follow my own rules. Unless I've seen it and felt it in person, I never order online for clients unless it can be returned easily. I think I really do need to treat myself as a client :)


  1. I love the table! Fits perfect in the space! I especially love the driftwood in the chandelier!!

  2. You have a beautiful home! That chandelier is amazing. Great taste!


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