Thursday, November 3, 2011


lately I've been feeling spread very thin, and whenever that happens I'm grateful for my camera and all the silly everyday things that I glimpse through it that remind me what makes all the crazy busy worthwhile, like...

cousins that make us laugh...

 and "lunch" prepared for me by little hands . Yes, that is chalk sprinkled on my spinach...
and time outside. together ...

oh, and wonderful new additions to our family. This is Jp, he is from Mexico and he living with us for the year....although if it were up to us we'd never let him return home. It won't be easy, because he is seriously the best, most gracious, and most engaging 13 year old I'm likely ever to meet.


  1. Love the pictures, that's awesome you have a student from Mexico living with you! Wow a year how exciting, what a lucky boy to be with such an amazing American family! My friend has a student from Germany living with them, she is soo in love with America I don't see her going back! She's a junior in high school, now hoping to attend a college here.

  2. The picture with your little one looking inside is soo cute! Made me laugh, you captured the moment perfectly!!!

  3. Makes me verrry sentimental for those days in my home...

  4. Ahhhh. But your thin Sooo fills me up.

    That didn't sound weird...did it?

    Linda@Limeinthe coconut

  5. Wow that salad looked tasty ;). From your son you'll probably receive dirt with worms...much tastier, heheheh. xx Danielle

  6. All smiles on this end...lovely post. We all feel spread too thin at times but I love that you can see the beauty of everyday,and that you capture it so wonderfully. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Awesome photos of your beautiful clan. I adore your chalk salad. My daughter used to make me all kinds of crazy salads as well but never a chalk salad:)


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