Monday, February 6, 2012


There are a lot of things I love about my husband, but next to his winning personality, his name was certainly a selling point. Joking, joking...but seriously.

There was no hesitation about sharing his last name, no deliberating whether it would make me a less liberated woman :), no mourning over relinquishing the impossible-to-pronounce-French-Canadian maiden name printed on my diplomas.  It was a happy moment when I discovered that my favorite person had something in common with my favorite natural element.

My girls might not have such an easy time deciding though, as they seem to have taken to moss as much as their mama...


oh and ps- if you are interested in seeing a little before pic of this room this client room that I showed you before, I did a before & after for Apartment Therapy today. Check it out here.


**all photos are my own


  1. A rolling stone gathers no.....


    you've heard it.

  2. Completely in LOVE with that room!!! All my favorite colors, textures, captured in one room=Perfect! Also the kids, are just adorable, is that a ski ticket on her jacket?? Also where is the picture taken so beautiful!


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