Thursday, March 29, 2012

alive and well...and how to make a globe light

Spring is definitely in the air around these parts, and in terms of design, that means installations and new client meetings off the hook! I totally underestimated the generous reaction to my house tour on Apartment Therapy. I'm humbled and grateful and, now, busy as can be. Hence my lack of posts.

Aside from some truly exciting new projects, the best thing to come out of the house tour was a general openness to the idea of design on the part of some awesome locals. I think the idea of hiring a designer can be intimidating in a lot of ways, especially in DC where design tends (at least in stereotype) to be very formal and remarkably expensive. People who don't have a millionaire's budget or a senator's style preferences may shy away from seeking decorating advice because they think that's all that's out there. I'm glad my humble home has helped me to tap into a community of like-minded people.

While I race around, I'll leave you with this link in which I explain how to make a globe light:


  1. So glad your alive and well! And congratz on new clients, new inspiration, how fun!!

  2. Hey Leah - Thanks for the update. I've gone back and taken the tour, several times, of your home on Apartment Therapy. Really fabulous and cool!! Congratulations on everything! Don't work too hard :)

  3. Ok.... wow.
    Looking forward to congratulating you in person.
    Oh, and I'm sure I'll say a few more "wow's"


  4. Congrats on all the success, Leah! You've worked hard on transforming you house into a home, but the best feature in my opinion is the people!!


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