Thursday, March 1, 2012

special 5

Somehow 5 years have come and gone since this little girl made her appearance--the first March baby in the hospital that year...3 (THREE!) weeks past her due date... during a bitter cold midwest winter that saw 11 (ELEVEN!) minutes of sunlight and several feet of snow in the February leading up to her birth.

 Today, 5 years later it's a decidedly spring day with 70 degrees predicted, fitting of my big-eyed girl and her vibrant life!

Happy 5 MollyGrace!


  1. Awe Happy Birthing Day Leah! MoolyGrace is beautiful!

  2. Happy B-day MG! We love you!!!

  3. What a sweet, sweet tribute to your five year old! She's beauty.

  4. Awwww. Those little late birds (I had a couple of three week late ones, too!) just seem to dance to the beat of their own drum!

    Happy day little one!

  5. Happy Birthday MollyGrace! She's absolutely adorablely gorgeous! And thanks so much Leah for your comments...hope all is well and we have to get together this summer for a playdate at the park or something. xx Danielle

  6. oH PLEASE....
    if i could have frozen my daughter at any age....
    it would have been 5.

    i may re-post the image of her at the table drinking.

    xx ;) have special weekend - take even MORE pictures.

  7. Happy birthday, MollyGrace! She's grown to be such a cute and cheerful girl.


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