Thursday, July 5, 2012

not your typical business trip

Before death and destruction hit Washington and wiped out our electricity for several days, I got totally spoiled for a very precious 24 hours of "business."

One of my clients is also the parent of one of my husband's students and rock climbing camp counselors. For the last several weeks the camp has been climbing all over the region, and their final fling was a week long camping trip which ended with a night at my client's farmhouse. She asked me to bring my kids and meet them at the farm to "help her with a few decorating things." Well, in between picture arrangement talk, we managed to have the most glorious time. She totally spoiled us with all the typical things you'd expect from a great client.

Oh you know, like hiring babysitters so your kids could go swimming in the pond....

while you and your husband sipped local wines,
oh wait, that's not me, that's Rich with one of our best friends' kids....because they were invited to come  too....
to enjoy  this....
I honestly think I would have mistaken that trip for heaven except that our baby Saf (bless his cute little heart and ridiculous aversion to sleeping anywhere but his own room) kept the party going all night long. Ahhh, I'm so glad we took some pictures!

Oh, and this is the house...

seriously cute!

Thanks MB!!!!!


  1. Looks like the right kind of business trip. So fun to swim in a pond too - your kids must have loved that!

  2. That's not a biz trip, Leah! Don't even try ;-) Looks absolutely divine....sitting around sipping wine....nice!
    Stay cool.

  3. I am so glad to have found you...I think I am so going to enjoy all you have to share!

  4. Ahhhh! So beautiful...and that pic of D and A looks like an ad for some country vaca spot!

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