Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kitchen Design

Image: RUE (I'm using this slab wrap idea in our kitchen design---eeek, so beautiful!)

Today I'm being featured as part of Apartment Therapy & Kohler's Easy Kitchen Refresh interview series. It was a lot of know, sometimes you don't even realize your advice patterns until you have to spell them out. Which is why I'm grateful for my time with Apartment Therapy. All my articles there are advice driven, whereas here I just share.

I have several kitchen overhauls in the works right now, so they've been very much on my mind.

You can check out the link here. ....the intro sounds a little fancy. My life, however, is not so fancy these days, which I love. Because it involves this ridiculous character, who is so.freaking.full.of.trouble :)


  1. Awesome! great job on the feature. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of cheap kitchen cabinets and how they can really spruce up a kitchen w/o the expensive stuff! :)

  2. I have made necessary funds for kitchen renovation , as I would like to add mistral worktops to provide newer look to my old kitchen.

  3. Kitchen renovation is one of the most important parts of home improvement. As we all know, kitchen is a place where we cook and prepare our food, thus, this place should be kept clean, well constructed and safe all the time. Anyway, I like the idea of using a slab wrap as part of your kitchen design. That made your kitchen look stunning and compelling to the eyes.

    - Sharon Curtis

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