Monday, January 27, 2014

warm winter light + linen

Although linen is most always referred to as a summertime fabric, in my book, linen is appropriate any season and locale...but I especially love how unlined linen filters winter light, making it warm and soft. My favorite thing about winter is the unobstructed light when there are no tree leaves to block it, and through slightly rumpled linen, that cold winter light almost feels ethereal. For that reason, and because it's able to bring just the right softness and casualness, I use white and ivory linens in many projects....this is a corner of a bedroom I completed recently. I love the mix of ivories, whites, grays, and blue/greens. I took about 10 million pictures of this little corner, it's so peaceful...


  1. It's beautiful Leah! Hope all is well! Happy New Year to you. xo Nancy

  2. Oh Leah, it looks like heaven. Seriously.

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