I am a native Washingtonian with a passion for transforming residences and select commercial locations around the DC area into places of comfort and inspiration. My work in the DC design industry began in 2008, and since then I've enjoyed creating fresh, relaxed, and personal interiors for a wide range of clients.

I believe that our homes and workplaces have a great influence on the way we live, and so I begin each project by learning the specific tastes and needs of my clients as well as the unique character and challenges of their living/working spaces. I steer clear of generic or one-style-fits-all decorating, which means my primary focus with each project is the personal taste of the client. 

I have a background in the visual arts which allows me to bring an artist’s eye to the practical details of function and comfort in each interior decoration project. It also means that I'm a hands-on designer, from arranging accessories to actually creating the art installations or decorative accents themselves.  I believe that every detail counts, from hardware to wall color, and everything in between.

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