Tuesday, January 31, 2012

still life 99-- simple comfort linen sheets

Linen has a special place in my heart. Ever since I was little I've loved it in all forms--clothes, pillows, hand towels.  I can't go into a store with linen and not touch it. It's natural, minimalist, and luxurious all at once. Plus, it feels as good as it looks.

When I used to work for the British textile company, Cowtan & Tout, I would relish putting away fabric memos just because I loved the tactile experience. I remember one co-worker looking at me a little sideways when she handed me a huge stack of sample returns and I lit up with excitement--linen!...filing fabric wasn't her idea of a good time, but what can I say? Simple pleasures.

So you can only imagine the delight I take in these linen bedsheets given to me by my in-laws this Christmas. Sleep is ever so slight, rare, and precious these days, and so sinking into soft linen each night is the sweetest luxury I can think of. Just the right weight, just the right softness, and perfect even when wrinkled.

**still life 99 is my visual catalog of the idea that we don't need a lot of things at home, but what we do need should be beautiful. They should be worthy of being noticed.**

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

trail of destruction

 the new-found mobility of this little one has reminded me why simplicity is so appealing....
 and tidiness is so temporary
 and why God made babies so irresistible
making the constant trail of destruction so endearing and delicious.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Magic mirrors: through the looking glass

 (from Saule and Chris's incredible home in Frederick. Click here for the full house tour.)

In looking through my myriads of photographs that I've taken for house tours, design shows, etc, my favorites always seem to be the shots that I've captured through mirrors.

It's always tricky to get just the right angle, but when I do, even ordinary scenes have a little magic to them. The photography experience  has also trickled into my designs, as I've come to see mirrors not only as light enhances or beauty tools, but also as frames for beautiful living. The vignettes that they capture are important (almost like photographs themselves), and so well-placed mirrors have become one of my focuses regardless of the style of home.

I'd like to do a series devoted just to mirror shots. We'll see how far I get, but here's my start...

 (the two above are from Hallie and Mark's home. Hallie is a serious decorating genius. I'll have to show more shots in the future, but you can check out the tour I did for AT here.)

(and these 2 are from Zoe Feldman's home, one of my favorite DC designers. Such a treat to photograph. I had trouble choosing one mirror shot, so I threw in both. Check out her house tour here.)

**All images are my own

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

speed holiday

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas season, and are off to a great fresh start.

2011 was a year of blessings for my family, the best of all our sweet baby boy who has brought more joy than I ever thought capable of 18 lbs. He is constant love and laughs (even at 4am).

I've hardly begun thinking about the new year because I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that Christmas has come and (almost) gone. I'm hoping a photostream of the past few weeks will help me transition into the new phase. It was packed and sweet.
There was.....
 gift making and wrapping (my favorite part!)

 Christmas tree hunts
 a Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes (hosted by my sister & brother-in-law and us at my house)
 dancing and entertainment
 favorite gifts
Doug the pug
 there were naps
and attempted naps too
oh, and of course a few projects too. Here's a sneak peak in progress shot, but there will be more to follow. 

All in all, a packed and sweet holiday indeed. Here's to 2012!
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