Tuesday, August 30, 2011

where we grow up and its influence

upon return home from my surprise trip to Durango, we had a surprise visitor...
my little sister Monique who is one of the loveliest people I know, and also one of the funniest. And one of the most creative. And basically the best dancer a white girl can be. She got all those genes.
I spent most of childhood and embarrassingly long after that not getting along with her. And these days I regret every minute I spent not totally appreciating her, because now when I get together with both my sisters it almost hurts. Both from the laughing and from just loving them both so much.

The 24 hours Monique was here was the best. We stayed up way too late, may have drank too much vino, and then went for a visit to the place where we spent our very early childhood years. I only lived there for about 7 years before my family moved to the city, but I think the time we spent there probably had the biggest influence on my sisters and me from an aesthetic standpoint than all the other areas we've lived in since.

It's a historic village outside of DC that was originally formed as a Methodist revival camp and getaway for city dwellers. The original plots were designed to hold tents. Eventually, people built permanent homes on the plots and then continued to add onto them. The result is fascinating, lots of quirky caravan-esque homes. Today its totally bohemian. And it was like that when I was growing up. Sort of beautiful and quirky and carefree and natural and sometimes overgrown.....

The majority of the town is connected through footpaths, where no cars can drive. Because of that and the general easy-going attitude of the people living there, the whole neighborhood seems like its existing out of time. People have walkways leading up to their yards from the footpath so that other neighbors can come peek over their fences and enjoy the beautiful gardens they've created. There are also a lot of artists who decorate their homes and porches (tons of porches!!!) with their creations.

It was a drizzly day when we visited, but even running through the rain was a little magical in a nostalgic kind of way. Whenever we'd come across three cute homes all in a row we'd stop and talk about buying the three of them and living there all together. But Mo is really a city girl at heart. And so is Nicole. And me...I think I'm not. But I do like to visit Mo, so we let her go back to New York....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Close Whirlwind and A Trip Out West

In typical Moss fashion, life is a whirlwind. A happy whirlwind, but a packed one nonetheless.

The happiest highlight was a surprise trip to Southwestern Colorado planned by Rich. I actually found out about the surprise, but that was for the best. I'm not big on surprises. I like the concept but inevitably I end up throwing a temper tantrum beforehand when Rich is acting unnatural and then when the surprise hits I get upset again because I'm embarrassed at having acted like a total lunatic/baby. Hence the fight the night we got engaged...but that's another story.

This story (surprise interrupted) is purely happy. It goes a little something like this....
Wildflowers like whoa

 Rich is basically a beast. I'll spare you my rock climbing shots. My calves are
 not nearly as nice :)

 AND Baby Saf got to meet the man himself, his great grandfather Saf:
and he was pretty thrilled about the whole thing.

We stayed outside of Durango, which is in the southwest corner of Colorado. It's one of our favorite spots in the world. My soul exhales there. Plus spending time just with my boys was pretty sweet. I'm so used to Rich talking about "his girls" that it was a fun change of scene to be with "my boys." Plus, they're kind of the best. Especially the big one who sleeps through the night :)

It was the first time we had left the girls for a whole week, but they held up like champs. And so did Rich's very generous parents who watched them.
Since returning home we've made up for lost time with fancy girl lunches....

and lots of other goodness that will have to wait until a future post. Hope your summer is winding down swimmingly.

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