Thursday, February 17, 2011

Block print bathrooms and busy-ness!

So many exciting things to share, and very very little time to get them into words, so until a good time comes I'll leave you with my most recent put-on-hold home-project.

It's been at least 2 years since I've been searching for a spot to bring in a block print pattern to our home. And I've also been dying to try to make my own blocks (after buying some antique ones that are beautiful to look at but not so functional to use).

So drawing on a few of my favorite patterns, I labored over whipped up ;)  this:

Then attempted to translate it into stamp form-- total experiment! but a lot of fun, carving into lino blocks is very satisfying, like scraping off old paint (or is that just me?)...

and then immediately ran to try it out on my walls:

and then that very same afternoon, opening up the Pottery Barn catalog to discover this (does that happen to you? Remember that saying that there are no new ideas?):

kind of like mine... oh wait, minus the gaping holes and off centered sink :)

Here's to hoping that the coming weeks will bring some progress.

Elsewhere, in my life, there is nothing but progress! Here's a glimpse of a current client project where I've been spending a fair amount of time...

Watching and directing, not sawing or building, of course....even so, this new baby might just be born wearing a hard hat and carrying a tape measure :)


  1. Wowza....Quiet ingenious and loverly. (even more lovely than the PB one!)

    Happy hard hatting!!

  2. Hahahaha, too cute! And can't wait to see the finished project. Projects...they are never ending right???? xx Danielle

  3. Okay back up please!!! You drew that??? And then you turned it into a stamp? How does one even begin to do that? You are amazing.

  4. I don't see myself creating that DIY stamp. I'd leave that to the professionals, but I love your idea. Just what Linda said, "quite ingenious." Can't wait to see the final look of the bathroom.

  5. That looks so great!!! What kind of paint did you use?

  6. Great work I'll try that block print in my kitchen. Thanks.

  7. I'll also try this when I remodel our kitchen, thanks.

  8. Your bathroom's design looks amazing, did you have the water pipes replaced by the way? Thanks.

  9. That pattern really look great on the wall. I'll definitely try this one later. Thanks.

  10. I decorated my room with those prints and it looked lovely. Thank you for giving me inspiration.

  11. What a wonderful idea, I'll be sure to do the same with my bathroom. Thanks.

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