Friday, March 25, 2011

Backtrack: Angelique's Perfect Home Tour

The last 6 weeks may have been the busiest of my life. Lots of client projects, lots of meetings, plus sick kids and lots of doctor appointments. All on top of homeschooling and the usual home projects. Oh, and I'm now officially nine months pregnant--crazy!!! So it's been insane. But it's funny, because even with all the craziness I've been my happiest. Wanting to rest and slow down, but excited to be doing what I have been, and feeling a sort of balance even while juggling a lot.

Plus there has been a ton of sweetness along the way, one of the best being a visit to Angelique's home.

I met Angelique in January when I visited Chartreuse and Co., the wonderful monthly barn sale that takes place in Buckeystown, MD about an hour outside DC.  It was a frigidly cold day, and I didn't last long at the barn. So after snagging a few things for this new baby's nursery, we (went with Alissa and Margaret, two awesome friends with great taste), and headed into Frederick where we sought warmth in Silk & Burlap...which just happened to be the shop that Angelique owns with her friend Saule. I had spotted some of their great stuff at the barn sale, and was blown away by some of the great things in their shop. Most of all I was blown away by Angelique, who must be one of the very sweetest most down-to-earth, strongest women I've met. I instantly loved her, and was only too delighted to have another opportunity to see her aesthetic genius at work during my tour of her house.

It's a 100 year old home, and she's preserved almost all of the original details and woodwork while putting her own unique spin on it.
It's the type of home that you don't want to leave. Balanced and well-laid out and warm and welcoming. The floorplan and proportions themselves are great--big open kitchen/dining area, but still lots of separate rooms for lounging and reading and playing, but it doesn't feel to big or too spread out. And Angelique has made the most of every corner.

I stayed for a long time, and still didn't want to leave! You can check out the rest of her house in the tour that I wrote and photographed for Apartment Therapy. Her beautiful daughters are some lucky little girls!


  1. I love that they've kept the dark color on all the wood, trimmings, etc.

  2. I love the numbers on the steps. I would copy if I had steps in my house. But mostly I am excited about you being 9 months pregnant! How the heck are you doing it? It reminds me of me trying to finish my thesis show before I had Jimmy. I guess there is something about the pressure of a baby coming that makes you be more productive than ever before. Will keep you in my prayers and can't wait to see pics of the little man. Please post some or at least send an email.

  3. I love old homes and this is a beauty. I can see why you didn't want to leave. The stairs are so whimsical and fun. Gorgeous, gorgeous home. Put your feet up lady. You need a break!

  4. Angelique's house leaves me with the same sentiments! Hope you are taking it easy preparing for your newest creation-xo, SS

  5. What a beautiful abode! 9 months!! Wow. Now just be a cork on the ocean!

  6. I too love all the wood trim with the black and white contrast. It's warm. The kitchen is gorgeous.


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