Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Present Pleasures & Spring Break

 I am officially past due, and as far as I can tell this little baby is still not in any hurry to make his way out into the world. BUT, aside from feeling ridiculously huge and pregnant, this week has been glorious! Last week I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed and sorry for myself, but then I happened across this beautiful and moving post by Maryam, and it made me want to eat every precious moment up with my girls. Especially now, before life changes, even though it's a joyful change. Savoring the present this week means means enjoying this wild pair. Just the two of them....

With Rich's job change, we are enjoying our first ever real spring break and I love it. We were sad not to make our yearly trip to Arizona, but having to stay close to home has been a tremendous blessing. I love home, and I especially love it when we get enjoy it together. It makes me appreciate all the simple, unrushed pleasures of family life, the ones that usually get pushed aside when life gets too busy. The ones that refresh us and make all the ups and downs seem worthwhile like

 cooking together......

(Rich has totally spoiled me. He's a fabulous cook, and every night he's tried something delicious and new!)
and love notes....
and wild bouquets gathered by little hands...
and the occasional bursts of helpfulness....
the time to snuggle....
or dance....
and the time to sit down together for a real meal. with real food. and candles....
we are so blessed!


  1. Wow Leah, that baby is way too comfy in there. I keep checking, hoping for an update on the baby's arrival. What a fabulous post. It's so great that the 4 of you have time together to just enjoy each other right now.

  2. Both of my boys were *very* late. I've been told that boys like to take advantage of the room service for as long as possible:) It's great you're taking it all in stride and enjoying this special time with your family before the little one arrives.

  3. Lovely post. I hope that baby arrives soon. I'm sure you must be ready at this point. Your family is so cute. Your husband is great to be whipping up things in the kitchen for you, very sweet. Good luck with the delivery :)

  4. Been thinking about you. When I saw the feed come through I was certain it would be news of your little boy! Love the post, do I detect Gnocchi??
    Love the photos of the girls. Enjoy all the blessings coming your way in the coming days (and weeks). Good Luck with your delivery...xo

  5. Oh! You're still pregnant! Your little girls are so full of life and personality. I can't wait to see what my two will be like at that age. You have a beautiful family and I know that the new little one is only going to add to the joy!

  6. What a beautiful post! You have such a lovely family...your girls are precious and I love how your handsome husband has an apron on in every photo - cute! And WOW, the meals look fabulous. :)
    Hope the baby comes soon!
    Blessings to all of you ~

  7. I just wanted to tell you we're praying for you! Also, I had your blog open on my computer to the picture of MG and Maddy being silly with their hair and Michael said, " ohhh, I like thooose people they have silly hair!" I said, "that's Molly Grace and Maddy." He said, "I know that. I really like them. Actually, I love them and Molly Grace." These days the word actually is the boys favorite word and he says it about almost everything he is talking about! Boys are silly. I'm so happy you will have one and soon!! =)

  8. Love you guys!!! Perhaps your little man is waiting till Easter? Praying for a healthy labor and delivery!

  9. Awww. What a soulful and beautiful post. THIS is what it is all about! RIGHT now. This little guy will come when his brain says it's ready....and oh the love he will be welcomed into!!

    A beautiful and blessed weekend to you!


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