Thursday, May 19, 2011


As you might have guessed, for the past three weeks, Moss and Co.'s world has had a new center. And it's mighty sweet....

He is named after Rich's grandfather, Safford (pictured here), but in our house he mostly goes by Baby Saf. I think amidst the chaos of having my girls so close in age I forgot how magical the first weeks of babyhood are. Of course it has had it's own chaotic moments, and the recovery this time around has been slow and tough, but there have been so many more moments of just...awe.  I'm grateful for him, and for his perfect timing. AND for his multiple fat kissable chins...
Of which there are approximately 100. 

He is my first baby to love his room right off the bat, which is awesome for so many reasons, the best at this point being because it has translated into happy sleep for his parents. 

The actual room is tiny--under 8x8--but it's become one of everybody's favorite places to gather, and on any given hour it can be found filled with helpful sisters, a huge dog, and anyone else who happens to be visiting. It's full of meaningful things that have been given to us by our fathers and grandfathers, along with a heavy dose of ikea and diy projects. And a very beautiful blanket (pictured on the chair above), fortuitously won in a giveaway from the lovely Carol of The Design Pages right before Saf's arrival.  Full tour to follow once I finish up a few things....if I can manage to tear myself away from this snuggly fatness...


  1. What a ball of almost edible goodness, he is so cute!

    And ever being th stylist...I love how he has th world in his hands at all times!!

    Embrace and inhale very second...they grow and they grow.

    Gorgeous little man. Gorgeous!

  2. 'e' keeps getting stuck. Carry on.

  3. He's totally amazing! So's his rad room! Go Saf -- style icon already!

  4. Congrats Leah!!! What a handsome little Mossling he will be...

  5. He is just precious! I love the fat cheeks and chunky thighs. You have a beautiful son. :)

    Squeeze him for me!


  6. Can't wait to squeeze him!!!

  7. What a sweet babe!! His room is gorgeous!! Love the paint...and the mirror...and the rug...and the western scene!!!

  8. Leah, he is absolutely gorgeous. Glad to see you back in blogland! I adore his room. It's so cool but yet the items have meaning which makes it all the more special. Enjoy the little bundle of adoreableness:)

  9. Oh that little chin(s). It needs a good nibble. Safford is a good name. And he is scrumptious.

    Now, not to take away from the goodness that is Safford here, have you seen this?

  10. What a doll. Love how cozy his room feels! The perfect place to snuggle:)

  11. Hi Leah, just wanted to let you know that I'm passing along the Versatile Blogger award to you. Because as you know, I heart your blog. And you are very versatile. I mean you can make adorable babies and decorate the heck outta anything! Oh, and make a lampshade out of a planter and sheet music.

  12. Oh he is just absolutely adorable Leah! I am so happy for you and how lovely to have a pudgy bundle to kiss. Can't wait to see more pics...

  13. Glad to finally see more pictures of him. He is of course perfectly adorable. Those early days are really the best. Glad you are sitting back to enjoy those moments of awe and kiss those chins.

  14. Aren't baby boys the best! And mine have both been good sleepers:) Enjoy.

  15. Leah! He is beautiful!!! And I love his nursery!

  16. So, I'm totally, ridiculously, absolutely unacceptably late to congratulate you all in your wonderful new addition - but here it goes: congratulations!!! He is precious..! And his room is all sorts of perfect as well!!

    all my love,

  17. Oh, an ps: his name? Perfect too.



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