Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring drive by

The DC heat today is reminding me that spring barely came this year. It went from cold to summer, then back to winter, and now full force hot...but even so we managed to sneak in some springish activities in between all the work projects. Spring is the best time for.....

Beach's cold and fresh, no bugs, sun enough to explore but not to be content just lounging (that's saved for summer :) it's so invigorating...
birthdays! We had a whole string of them...2 years for our baby, 6 for our middle, and 30 whole yearsfor Rich and me! Woohoo!

...and the only time for May crowning. Growing up, my school always had a May procession honoring Mary...all the kids would bring flowers, and one girl would be chosen to crown her with flowers. It was always beautiful! This year my kindergartner's class carried on the tradition. Gorgeous, peaceful, prayerful, and full of spirit...
and the very best for flower weed picking and wild bouquets. I remember begging my mom for a tidy little store bought bouquet to bring in for May crowning, and her telling me to go outside and pick some. I didn't realize how much better that was at the time...but now my preference, especially in spring, is wild bouquets that look natural and carefree. Even weeds...

Hello Summer!


  1. Beautiful, moments! Can't believe you typed your baby boy 2?? Crazy how fast time fly's

  2. oh id like to go beach camping right now! hope the start of summer has been good to you ;)

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