Monday, September 15, 2008

candle magic

from Real Simple's The Organized Home

from The Pottery Barn Home Book
Last week was a little busy as we settled into the new routine of preschool, babysit-swapping, and work, in addition to preparing for our trip to the ND-Michigan game (go Irish!). On one especially exhausting evening as I stumbled through our toy-strewn kitchen trailed by a whiny toddler to suggest going out for dinner to my husband, I was struck by a lovely idea. Easy seafood pasta and candles. I didn't bother straightening the house, I just lit tealights and dimmed the lights. Magic!

Candles bring instant serenity, but with the happy chaos of dining with young children we had gotten out of the habit of using them. I don't know why. Our girls were mesmerized, my husband was impressed with a relatively simple meal, and I felt calm even after a tiring day.

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