Friday, October 3, 2008


It's been another whirlwind week for the Mosses! We slipped out to South Western Colorado this past weekend to celebrate my husband's grandparent's 55th wedding anniversary. It was absolutely delightful on every level. And the setting was perfect--a gorgeous paradise in the San Juan Mountains above Durango. This time of year is especially beautiful with the vibrant autumn colors of the Aspen trees cascading down the mountains. The first shot is from the plane as we landed--not the best quality image, but you get the idea.

This one of a few HUGE antler chandeliers in the lodge where most of the celebration festivities took place. It was so cozy inside, with incredible views from the outdoor patios of the mountains and valleys below.

My dearest sister-in-law and me before the shindig

Great family time, lots of singing, wonderful food, incredible wine, brilliant setting....and cowboy boots-- naturally, we had no complaints :) but we're still catching our breath!


  1. Leah, you look great! and Mary looks so much more mature than the last time we saw here at ND! She is beautiful!

    I spray painted my old art desk this weekend and love it. thanks for the ideas and confidence!

  2. I think they are osage oranges... my girls are obsessed with them too. I never thought to use them to decorate and I have lived close to Brookside much longer than you! You have an amazing eye.


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