Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Friends, today I'm making my debut at SlowMama, a newish blog that has been a long time in the making. It's one of the latest projects of the talented Zoe Saint-Paul whom I've admired ever since meeting her when I was in college. She has a serene but straight forward way about her, and her ideas for living a slower more meaningful life are very accessible even for this often harried mama. Unlike many bloggers with strong philosophies, Zoe seems more of a realist than an extremist, which I think comes across through the blog. It's not preachy, but its not too mushy either. In Zoe's words, slow living is about "doing every thing at the best pace and refusing to rush all the time. To “live Slow” is to simplify your life, and stay connected to what matters most." To that end, the blog is full of unpretentious, back to basics concepts, fun recipes, helpful mama product reviews, and insights on living more deliberately in our fast-paced world.

The concepts and ideals behind SlowMama are some of the same reasons that got me into blogging and design in the first place, and I'm excited to reflect on them more thoroughly on a regular basis with a great audience. I will be writing primarily about incorporating slow principles into home design with kids.

So go take a peek. The other contributors, Ann and M.C. are full of fabulous ideas and great insights.

Aside from SlowMama, there are a few other sweet new happenings around here too...

and smiling
possibly a few new chins
and lots of summertime wishes


  1. Funny....I'm doing the same thing lately. Well, minus the baptism.

    Your kidlets are adorable.

    The blog looks like a great concept...I'll go introduce mysself!

    Linda at lime in the coco (blogger won;t let me on unless I do anon)

  2. Leah, thanks for your kind words and so glad to have you at SlowMama! Love that smiling baby.

  3. Leah! I want to squeeze your kids. Ok?

  4. Love the concept of slowing down, enjoying the moment instead of hurrying through it!

  5. Gorgeous kids, Lady! I just came back from reading your post at SlowMama. Looks like we have more in common that kids and decorating. We live in DC (Woodley Park) before my husband quit his job as a journalist to attend law school in CA. Our girls were born while he was doing a clerkship, and so I am very familiar with decorating (and buying kid gear) on a budget! Hear, hear to your post.

  6. Hi Leah! I am completely enjoying reading you blog, not to mention the chance to see pictures of your beautiful kids since it is not very often that we get the chance in person..
    You are a talented writer! Hi to the family and many hugs from Stuttgart :)

  7. Hi. your blog is wonderfull, I think you take me some ideas, thanks.
    This is other blog interesting that I read. Bye.

  8. Hi Leah! Sorry its been sooo long. You know how crazy life can get. I'm going to check out SlowMama, it sounds like my kind of place:)
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby and I hope you are well!


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