Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Tables

I'm a big fan of simple and natural elements in general, but seeing them tied together on a summer table gives me the most wonderful kind of delight...
(coastal living via Lime in the Coconut)
Brad Ford's home featured in Lonny is one of my favorites to date, and I've poured over this tablescape shot more times than is probably healthy or acceptable for someone who complains about there not being enough hours in a day. However, it displays my very favorite design combination: wood, texture, greenery, textural white/neutrals, and earthy black. I think 99% of my inspiration pictures for my own home share the combo. Fresh and natural while still feeling grounded. 
(Southern Accents)
 Another favorite...with my favorite combination.
 Ok, so this one is technically a spring table. It's Gweneth Paltow's easter table, featured on Remodelista. Imagine how different it would look if you swapped out the table for one with less texture--not nearly as exciting or inviting.

Dining rooms and al fresco dining have been on my mind a lot lately since two of our summer projects are a dining patio and a new dining room table. Stay tuned....


  1. I do love the tables but I can't help being drawn to that amazing light fixture over the Southern Accents table.

  2. You have me jonesing for a rustic table. These images are amazing. You have certainly developed a good recipe for your decorating style. (Which I heart.) Reminds me of something I read about this designer that really hit home:

    Was it in BH&G? She gave percentages of materials that she thinks should be used for a perfect room. I thought it was an interesting take on the idea.

  3. Great inspiration here! It's all so peaceful, as if you can feel the breeze coming through.

  4. The green Eames chairs are so great! Definitely on my wish list!

  5. These tables are very beautiful. I should definitely consider them for my home. They look really good.

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