Thursday, September 22, 2011

client sneak peek

Despite the gray day and the total lack of time for styling (and the fact that I had all 3 of my design helpers with me...all under 4 feet tall), yesterday I popped in to drop something off at a client home and snapped a picture to share of one of the bedrooms. I couldn't resist. Thanks to the ever fabulous Paul and Nancy of Paul David design, the window treatments are up, and they do so much to lend the room a more finished feeling.

You might remember some of the inspiration for the room....posted six months ago. It's the room of two teenage girls, 15 and 16. Bold was the look we were after...possibly giving their poor father a few heart attacks along the way. I mixed in some earthy elements for good measure (and because I can't do a room without at least a touch of natural).

This is what is looked like BEFORE:


Once we finish up with the artwork (and I'm not trying to take a picture while juggling a baby in my arms:), I'll post a few more.


  1. Yep we were separated at birth!! Love it can't wait to see the finished product, Oh those stripes are killing me!! And the zebra rug is gorgeous, over the grass rug!! AMAZING

  2. Wow, can't wait to see this space. Love the stripes. Even looks like with a couple of tweeks it could work for a guy too.

  3. It's a gorgeous room. I can't wait to see the completed look. I bet those are 2 very happy teenage girls.

  4. I love a sneak peak through a mirror. Oh man, those curtains. Let me tell you, it so cool to see a girls room that isn't over-the-top girlie. I hear you on adding natural to a room.

  5. Oh Leah! I look forward to having you as a very famous designer friend! I expect you to be featured in mags very soon! Do you think Mr. Moss could part with you and the kids for a month or two. Y'all could come live with us and decorate our home! :). Miss you, friend!

  6. Fabulous! Absolutely love this style!


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