Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ochre and Canvas homes

The rainy weather we've been experiencing this week makes me think of some of my favorite interiors, both homes of Andrew Corrie and Harriet Maxwell, owners of Canvas & Ochre (two of my all time favorite shops). I love the muted colors and natural textures. Their city apartment is sort of clean and moody both at once, you can just picture watching the rain splash outside the window...

And I think their Shelter Island home is just as delightful in a more laid back kind of way. This bedroom kills me with its simplicity and relaxed textures...

These days its so common to see limed and washed wood finishes everywhere you look, and sometimes they can look so drab collectively, but there is something about Ochre and Canvas' aesthetic that is always interesting and tactile even with such a subdued palette.

Images: 1,3, 4, Ditte Isager, 2, 5, 6,  elle decor, 7, 8, 9, 10 Ditte Isager for house beautiful


  1. I love the last image ...
    and of course the others too ... but there is always a favorit.


  2. Completely in love thanks for sharing!!

  3. Yeah, I kind of like their second home's vibe better myself, but their city place is pretty amazing. The chandelier! And that tufted sofa.

  4. Ya know...I can see YOUR family fitting in there beautifully.

    Come to think of it...I can see MY family making ourselves perfectly at home there too!

    Linda @ Lime in the coconut

  5. Totally wish I could have my kitchen that serene and organized. As it is I need to hide a lot. Great images...

  6. Where is the chandelier from? in the Living Room? Its fabulous

  7. I have the same question as marlene. Love this chandelier & have seen it quite a bit lately but havent found out who´s it is? Would love an answer if anybody knows?? Thank you!


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